Mary Dye

Elected Experience
As your elected State Representative, I serve on the House Environment Committee, Capital Budget Committee and Appropriations Committee. I’m a passionate leader in empowering our communities and reforming the way Olympia works with our citizens and local governments.

Other Professional Experience
From 1987 to present, I co-manage a 3rd generation wheat farm. I previously served as an agricultural educator in the Peace Corps in Ubon Thailand.

Bachelor of Science - Plant Science, Crop Management, University of Idaho, 1983.

Community Service
I have championed causes important to Eastern Washington including "Save Our Dams", “Freedom to Farm” and defending our rural values.

As your elected State Representative, I have focused on economic development and building infrastructure that will expand opportunities for families, farms, and communities. I passed legislation that will develop broadband fiber in areas with poor access to high speed internet. I worked to secure water for our towns and farms.

With principle driven leadership, and talent for seeking creative solutions, I develop tools that help expand and promote economic opportunities so citizens in Eastern Washington can live successful lives in freedom. During these challenging times, I have worked to create new ways to connect food producers with people in need.

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