Larry Stanley

Elected Experience
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Other Professional Experience
Tasting Room Manager of a winery. Customer Service Trainer for Amazon. Teacher of ESL in Asia. Director of an international education program. Pastor of a Church in CA.

Graduate of Hanford High School, Richland WA; Graduate Bachelor of Arts from Life Pacific College, San Dimas CA

Community Service
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Larry will be a new kind of politician – a term limited, transparent public servant who puts state before Party and solutions before ideology.

We also need a new kind of informed, tolerant, discerning citizen – who is an β€œally” to his or her fellow Americans. A citizen who doesn’t: vote straight party tickets; blindly adopt positions that are mandated by political tribe; vilify other Americans because of differences. Both major parties only focus on making the other side lose so that we all end up losing in the end. Not right, not left, move forward together.

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