Larry Stanley

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Other Professional Experience
Tasting Room Manager of a winery. Customer Service Trainer for Amazon. Teacher of ESL in Asia. Director of an international education program. Pastor of a Church in California.

Graduate of Hanford High School, Richland WA
Graduate Bachelor of Arts from Life Pacific College, San Dimas CA

Community Service
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Larry will be a new kind of council person โ€“ a term limited, transparent public servant who puts our citizens before big business or special interests and solutions before ideology. Richland is a great city that is positioned for the future better than most cities in our country. There is still plenty of room for improvement. Growth is a plus but can have negative affects if not managed well. How we grow is as important as growth itself. How do we want to improve our city?
We want to be a city that values all citizens equally no matter their financial status, origin, past, age, race or culture. We want a city that is an example of being friendly to the environment, pets and families. Also be ready for downturns, disasters as well as the ill effects of a warming environment. As well off as our community is, we should never leave a citizen behind. We can do all of that and at the same time be responsible to not leave our children much debt and balance the city budget. I only want to serve the city that has served me so well.

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Larry Stanley
Larry Stanley

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