John Trumbo

Elected Experience: Kennewick Council member, Ward 3.  Elected in 2013.  Unopposed in 2017.

Other Professional Experience: Newspaper reporter in California and Washington.  Retired in 2021.  Served on Ben Franklin Transit Board, Community Action Committee, Hanford Advisory Board, Kennewick School FOCUS, Kennewick City Block Grant Advisory Committee.

Education: Graduate Las Lomas High School, Walnut Creek, Calif.; AA degree 1968 Sierra Community College, Rocklin, Calif.; Chico State College, Chico, Calif.; BS Journalism 1971, San Luis Obispo, Calif.

Community Service: Member South Hills Church; active Ye Ole Car Club and Columbia Basin Model A Club; supports Tri-Cities Union Gospel Mission, Therapeutic riding of Tri-Cities (TROT), modern Living Services (disabled adults housing).

Statement: I have served 8 years on the Kennewick Council, delivering on a promise to hold government accountable.  As a retired investigative reporter, I know how to ask tough questions and follow the money, ensuring that taxpayer dollars are spent wisely.  Police, fire, roads, and water systems are my top priorities.  I am independent, and have never sought campaign support from a labor union, or special interest group based outside Kennewick.

I have lived in Ward 3 as a homeowner for 20 years.  I am married, have two adopted daughters from China, one of whom is developmentally challenged, and have served on 5 short-term mission trips, domestically and overseas through South Hills Church.  I have engaged in my community by supporting Christian service outreach, and helping those in need, without expecting anything in return. I have no political ambitions.

I stand for our Constitution in our democratic republic, one nation under God, for liberty, and justice for all.  I believe no one, regardless of origin, religion, wealth or residence, has less or more value than another.  I want Kennewick to be the best it can be through compassionate, conservative leadership.  Reach me at or 509-366-2241.  Or follow me on facebook/TrumboforKennewick.

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