John E. Smart

Elected Experience: John will complete his sixth year as a member of the West Richland City Council in December 2021.

Professional Experience: Senior Research Engineer with over 19 years of project management experience.

Education: Bachelor's degree from WSU

Community Service: John has served over 14 years as Activity Director and Unit Leader for American Heritage Girls Troup WA3130 scouting organization.  John has been a participant in the Veterans Day Parade; past helper with the Walk for Life, and earned his Eagle Scout Award in 1980.

Candidate Statement: Please visit - Thank you for electing me to serve on the West Richland city council.  I am committed to continue representing conservative fiscal policy that protects our taxpayers now and into the future.  I will promote open communication, full disclosure of reasoning, and will encourage the council to listen carefully to the opinions and expressions of our residents.  I am not a closet socialist - but rather a defender of our constitution and our God given rights.  Business growth in West Richland is critical - but we need to preserve the unique rural character and our "low density" environment for which we are known.  When asked what I want our town to look like - I say I want it to look like Freedom!  Having built and lived in a West Richland home for 26 years, my wife, three children, and I truly appreciate the peaceful quality of life that our city has to offer.  Fiscal responsibility, well planned growth, sensible ordinances, and the preservation of our residential/rural lifestyle will help West Richland prosper and remain this region's most preferred place to call home.  Please visit

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