Brad Klippert

Elected Experience
State Representative. Committees: Public Safety, Judiciary, Early Learning, Veterans Affairs/Military Operations. Caucuses: Aviation, Railroad, Heritage, Wildland Fire, Recreation.

Other Professional Experience
Benton and Pierce County Sheriff's Deputy. Colonel/Commander Washington State Guard, 30 years military service, deployed 3 times, Army Helicopter Pilot. Licensed Minister, Paramedic Firefighter, and Volunteer Firefighter.

Bachelors’ Degree: Behavioral Science and Biblical Studies. Masters’ Degree in Teaching. Certified as a teacher in Washington State in 1997. Nationally certified Paramedic, EMT, Pierce County Fire District Firefighting Academy.

Community Service
School Resource Officer/Sheriff's Deputy, Soldier, Legislator, Teacher, Minister, community service volunteer, engineer/conductor J&S Express Horse Heaven Hills Kiwanis Club Railroad.

Public Safety, Constitutional Rights, Strong Military, Education, Secure Borders, Legal Immigration. "One Nation Under God, In God We Trust!" Free Enterprise/Free market, business and agricultural growth/prosperity, family wage jobs. Too many Governor proclamations and regulations have stifled/strangled prosperity for employers/employees. Limit Governor proclamations, bureaucracy and regulations. Fiscally responsible and accountable government. Pro-nuclear energy. Hydro-electric dams Vital, Hydro-electric power Renewable. Excellent, affordable health care balanced with public safety and fiscal responsibility: not socialized medicine.

Mutual goals: prosperity, security, responsibility, accountability, education, health care. Working together we can achieve/exceed our mutual goals!


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